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In the past few weeks we have witnessed a dramatic shift in the way we work. Architects and designers work from their living rooms, connected to each other via chat and webcam, while trade partners labor on building sites—where they remain open, that is. Who counts as “essential” and “nonessential” in this scenario? Have we been measuring productivity wrong? And what new techniques might emerge to bridge the gap?

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March 5

Decarbonizing the Built Environment: Calculating the Carbon Impact

The AEC industry is a major contributor to annual carbon emissions, so any positive changes to the status quo in the way of materials and methods stand to have a big impact. But how do we quantify that impact? What tools can be used to track and seize on efficiencies at every stage of the building process, from sourcing to completion? And if we adopt a life-cycle perspective of buildings, how can wood be introduced as a big player? Industry leaders will discuss these questions and will propose strategies that aim at decarbonizing the built environment.

  • Lindsay Rasmussen, Architecture 2030
  • Mark Gaglione, EllisDon
  • Kristina Miele, Fast + Epp

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February 19

Achieving Higher Performance Facades

It’s easy to say we want high performance facades for our commercial, hospitality and institutional projects … but often a challenge to bring this to fruition balancing the considerations of energy efficiency, occupant well-being, budget et al. This panel – all key players in achieving facade solutions – will discuss facade trends and the role that each of their specialties – glass, aluminum, thermal management, design, installation – will play.

  • Thomas D. Culp, Ph.D., Birch Point Consulting
  • Barb Johnson, Hydro Extruded Solutions
  • Bill Blazek, Technoform North America
  • Stacey Hooper, AIA, NBBJ Design
  • Matt Kamper, Woodbridge Glass Inc.
  • Darijo Babic, Guardian Glass
October 30

Urban Flight: To be or not to be?

The COVID-19 pandemic is fostering myopic perspectives of nationwide urban decline, and, in many ways, a recalibration towards suburban living. Are these notions misguided if not incorrect? These three panelists will discuss the present challenges facing urban areas, economic and social conditions which counter this narrative, and planning steps to improve long-term resiliency.

  • Patricia Akinaga, Studio-MLA
  • Christopher Rhie, Buro Happold
  • Matthew Clarke, Design Trust for Public Space
  • Matthew Marani, The Architect's Newspaper
October 16

Modern Man: Appraising the Work of Julius Shulman

Fashion comes and goes, values change, yet images remain. Photographer Julius Shulman, who would have turned 110 on October 10, furnished the visual materials with which to shape our expectations of the modern world. Even now, when contemplating “the good life” we imagine a modernist perch in the Hollywood Hills or a desert house in Palm Springs, as lensed by Shulman. His contribution to the enduring California mythos is beautifully told in Eric Bricker’s 2009 film Visual Acoustics, newly released on Blu-Ray with a commemorative 164-page hardbound book.

  • Samuel Medina, The Architect's Newspaper
October 2

Scorched Earth: Can the West Coast Adapt to Increasingly Severe Wildfires?

The West Coast is currently undergoing one of its most severe wildfire seasons in recorded history, threatening to uproot the lives and livelihoods of millions. With climate models predicting increasingly severe weather extremes in the years to come, architects and planners will be forced to embrace new strategies to both protect residents and mitigate wildfires. This panel, including SWA Group’s Sean O’Malley and Oregon State University’s Erica Fleishman, will explore both.

  • Sean O'Malley, SWA Group
  • Erica Fleishman , Oregon Climate Change Research Institute | OSU
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