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In the past few weeks we have witnessed a dramatic shift in the way we work. Architects and designers work from their living rooms, connected to each other via chat and webcam, while trade partners labor on building sites—where they remain open, that is. Who counts as “essential” and “nonessential” in this scenario? Have we been measuring productivity wrong? And what new techniques might emerge to bridge the gap?

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September 25

Confronting Confederate Legacy Through Monument Removal

The recent surge in support of the Black Lives Matter movement has fostered a nationwide debate regarding the many White supremacist totems sprinkled across the country, none more so than monuments commemorating Confederate leaders and veterans. A growing consensus recognizes the need to tear down such monuments down; this panel will discuss approaches for doing so.

  • Kenneth Lum, University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design | Monument Lab
  • Brent Leggs, African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund
October 2

Scorched Earth: Can California Adapt to Increasingly Severe Wildfires?

  • Sean O'Malley, SWA Group

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September 11

Concrete Steps Towards Racial Equity in Architecture Schools

Diversity levels in architecture are scandalously low. The sources of the problem are manifold, ranging from an assumption of generational wealth to steep professional barriers. Rather than shielding prospective architecture students from these and other biases, college and university programs are complicit in them. This panel will examine steps schools of architecture can take to both increase diversity across the board and better support students as they enter the profession.

  • Dr. Samia Kirchner, Morgan State Univesity
  • Dr. Harriet Harriss, Pratt Insitute
  • Jason Pugh, Gensler & NOMA
  • Kwesi Daniels, Tuskegee University
  • Samuel Medina, The Architect's Newspaper
August 7

A Multilayered City: Strategies for Community Development and Affordable Housing

The United States is facing a severe affordable housing crisis; a dire circumstance compounded by structural racism and generations of poor urban planning policy. The three panelists; Darrel Williams of neighboring concepts, Elizabeth Timme of LA Más, and Brian Loughlin of Magnusson Architecture and Planning, will discuss the prevailing roadblocks to the construction and retention of affordable housing in the country, and potential steps to resolve them.

  • Darrel Williams, neighboring concepts
  • Elizabethe Timme, LA-Más
  • Brian Loughlin, Magnusson Architecture and Planning
July 31

Rewilding Urban Parks: The Potential Benefits of Non-Intervention

The spread of COVID-19 and the subsequent closure of businesses have proved nearly disastrous for city finances. In the years to come, city agencies such as Parks Departments will likely face significant budget cuts. At first glance, decreased funding for parkland appears deleterious for their long-term maintenance. But, for some landscape designers, this is an opportunity to step back and allow for the re-wilding of urban parks. This panel will examine the potential sustainable and social benefits of a “hands-off” approach to landscaping.

  • Kinder Baumgardner, SWA Group
  • Anna Cawrse, Sasaki
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