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In the past few weeks we have witnessed a dramatic shift in the way we work. Architects and designers work from their living rooms, connected to each other via chat and webcam, while trade partners labor on building sites—where they remain open, that is. Who counts as “essential” and “nonessential” in this scenario? Have we been measuring productivity wrong? And what new techniques might emerge to bridge the gap?

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July 10

Urban Alternatives: Pedestrian Possibilities in New York

The threat of contagion stemming from COVID-19 has fundamentally reshaped our relationship to cities and their transportation networks. Street closures, urban distancing, and the requisition of parking spaces, among other recent measures, attest to this new dynamic; meanwhile, speculative projects like CycleNYC and Midtown Viaduct envision more radical arrangements. In “Urban Alternatives: Pedestrian Possibilities in New York,” representatives from Büro Ehring Engineering and DXA Studio will discuss their respective initiatives and how they outline a brighter, more walkable future.

  • Ryan Cramer, Buro Ehring
  • Holger Schulze-Ehring, Buro Ehring
July 17

Concrete Steps to Improve Racial Equity Within Architecture Schools

July 24

Post-Covid Geographies: Matt Shaw in Conversation with James Wines & Dan Wood

Architects James Wines and Dan Wood will join Architect’s Newspaper contributing editor Matt Shaw to discuss the COVID-19 crisis and optimistic possibilities that might come from it. From the future of urban space to new models for arts and culture, social distancing will cuase us to radically rethink our cities and interiors. Which of these

  • James Wines, SITE
  • Matt Shaw , AN
  • Dan Wood, WORKac
July 31

Rewilding Urban Parks: The Potential Benefits of Non-Intervention

  • Kinder Baumgartner, SWA Group

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