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May 3

Using the New AISC and ASCE Specifications for Sustainable & Resilient Structural Stainless Steel Design

Stainless steel’s inherent strength, corrosion resistance, high recycled content, and performance under fire conditions make it an ideal choice for sustainable and resilient structural design.

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November 17

The Benefits of Mass Timber for Community Spaces

With the built environment being responsible for nearly 40% of the country’s annual GhG emissions, using low-carbon mass timber systems is one way to help design a climate positive future. In addition to sustainability, aesthetics and occupant experience are often key drivers for the design of community-centric spaces such as cultural, recreational, and civic projects.

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May 19

Municipal Timber: Reducing Embodied Carbon in our Cities through Code Change

One of the keys to making mass timber a go-to choice for designers and viable to owners is the changing building codes. The demand to reduce our carbon footprint and the willingness of municipalities to allow for new ways of building is leading to mass timber’s big moment. Join this special Trading Notes to learn how codes have changed to accommodate rising mass timber buildings and hear from the engineers and architects working on the projects.

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December 9

Finding A Path to Decarbonization with Aluminum Extrusions: A Panel Discussion

For well over a decade, architects and developers have focused on reducing the carbon footprint of their projects. Through a combination of highly energy-efficient building systems, site-generated energy, and creative design, net-zero buildings have become not only feasible but also practical.

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