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Municipal Timber: Reducing Embodied Carbon in our Cities through Code Change

One of the keys to making mass timber a go-to choice for designers and viable to owners is the changing building codes. The demand to reduce our carbon footprint and the willingness of municipalities to allow for new ways of building is leading to mass timber’s big moment. Join this special Trading Notes to learn how codes have changed to accommodate rising mass timber buildings and hear from the engineers and architects working on the projects.

Moderator: Marty Wood

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the benefit of Mass Timber to construction management and schedules
  • Understand the code changes and challenges associated with building with timber and how the built environment is changing to accommodate timber projects.
  • Understand how incorporating timber helps reach the embodied and operational carbon reduction goals
  • Understand the health and aesthetic benefits of designing with timber.


Kenneth Bland

Fire Protection Engineer, Codes and Regulatory Programs

American Wood Council

Michael M. Moore

Principal and Founder


Chris O’Hara

Founding Principal

Studio NYL

Jordan Komp

Associate Principal

Thornton Tomasetti

Marty Wood

Program Director

The Architect's Newspaper


May 19


1:00 pm

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