The Future of the Office: Acoustics, Material Health, and Occupant Comfort

What are some of the key ways architects and designers can improve occupant comfort in a space? How do we make spaces inviting so that employees want to return to the office? And how do we address spaces where people spend prolonged periods of time, such as educational or healthcare spaces?

Optimizing the acoustics of commercial spaces is a primer driver of occupant comfort, and there are techniques to achieve the right amount of acoustic control while also addressing indoor air quality, daylighting, cleanability and more — everything occupants see, hear, and feel.

Join this panel of experts to discuss how designers are rethinking interior environments given new needs and how to spec acoustical design products that create better, healthier and more attractive workspaces.

AN’s editor-in-chief Aaron Seward and a panel of experts will discuss specifying healthy materials, the evolution of the WELL building standard, and essential ideas that designers are implementing in the interior spaces of the future.

This conversation is brought to you by CertainTeed Architectural
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Blake Jackson, AIA, LEED Fellow, WELL Faculty, Fitwel Amb., CPHC

Sustainability Design Leader – US North East, Senior Associate

Stantec Architecture

Gregory A. Miller, PE, INCE


Cerami & Associates

Bob Marshall

Senior Technical Manager

CertainTeed Architectural Products

Aaron Seward

Editor in Chief

The Architect's Newspaper


June 10


1:00 pm